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Country: Portugal | Media: Moda´a´foca | Product: N2310

The N2310 is the best solution for people who are looking for an entry-level NAS with tons of features and a great price-performance ratio. “Anyone looking for a small NAS system to have at home this is a great solution! The N2310 enters the market with a very competitive price and is equipped with many features that are unmatched in this price range. Without any doubts, this is the best price-performance ratio NAS!”

Country: France | Media: Planete Numerique | Product: N2310

“After a few weeks using it, I can confirm the Thecus N2310's good performance. Besides this… I often discover new roles for the NAS thanks to the free apps.”

Country: USA | Media: Big Bruin | Product: N2310

Highlighting its optimal placement in a small network where files and media can be shared “at up to almost 90MB/s”, Big Bruin were “definitely impressed” by the value of the device, and concluded that the Thecus N2310 2-bay NAS server deserves “the ‘Recommended' and ‘Good Value' awards for offering a simple, but solid performing networked attached storage server.”

Country: USA | Media: ProClockers | Product: N2310

The features and functions of the N2310 are aimed at providing solutions for all types of storage users. There is so much more I could do with the Thecus N2310. There just is not time for me to test every feature of the NAS. With that being said, I have used many other high dollar NAS systems in the past, and the N2310 lives up to its name.”

Country: UK | Media: Vortez | Product: N2310

“Cheap, feature-packed and relatively easy to setup once you understand the basics, the N2310 hits the spot for the budget conscious NAS consumer.”

Country: USA | Media: The SSD Review | Product: N2310

Does the Thecus N2310 live up to its reputation? “The Thecus N2310 was not only the lowest price of our choices, but also had the highest data transfer speeds of 100MB/s read and 80MB/s write performance.  For someone looking for a quick and easy solution to their home networking needs, the Thecus N2310 is an ideal solution.”

Country: USA | Media: CDRLabs | Product: N2310

With the N2310, users are given a “bang for your buck” NAS that is “more affordable than comparable 2-bay NAS devices.”

Country: Russia | Media: MegaObzor | Product: N2310
In the end, MegaObzor stressed N2310's “performance level, which is enough sufficient for a local storage device.” As a result, “the Thecus N2310 is awarded with the well-deserved gold Editor's Choice award from”
Country: USA | Media: PC Perspective | Product: N2310

In wrapping up their review, PC Perspective ran through the Thecus N2310's highlights and finished everything off with presenting the powerful 2-bay their Gold Award!

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