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Country: Russia | Media: PC Magazine | Product: N4560
“Thecus N4560 makes an impression of being a very reliable and powerful device, which can successfully tackle all tasks needed in both the business and home environment.”
Country: Belgium | Media: Madshrimps | Product: N4560
At a “fair” price and performance tests showing “good results”, the N4560 was recommended for its value by Madshrimps.
Country: USA | Media: TweakTown | Product: N4560

The N4560 was given the Best Value Award by Tweak Town, which concluded, “With the N4560, Thecus offers SOHO networked storage for users that want the best in terms of build quality and price/performance.”

Country: Malaysia | Media: HWM Malaysia | Product: N4560

“The Thecus N4560 is definitely worth a look for those who are looking for a high-capacity NAS device that not only serves as a great addition to a home with its multimedia playback capabilities, but also serves as a powerful tool in a small office environment with its many mobile and office-friendly features.”

Country: Russia | Media: MegaObzor | Product: N4560

“The Thecus N4560 demonstrated excellent performance results and data speeds. This device will be interesting for advanced users, since it supports a whole range of technologies and options. Among the most popular ones are torrent downloads, printer support, multimedia functionality, scheduled backups, and mobile access. Thanks to the new generation of operating system installed, even a newbie will be able to figure out how to set the NAS up in a home environment.”

Country: France | Media: Cowcotland | Product: N4560

Finally, something that didn't go unnoticed were the multimedia capabilities of the Thecus® N4560. Not only can the N4560 stream files to your network connected devices with Plex Media, but as it's equipped with an HDMI output, you can also play your stored movies and music directly through your HDTV with XBMC. “Thecus has designed a good NAS which really can be turned into a media player. Additionally, its SPDIF output warms our heart.”

Country: Greece | Media: ByTheWay | Product: N4560

ByTheWay concludes the review with the following words: “Thecus offers great support for all its products and has a very active forum where employees of the company and many users with great experience share their knowledge generously. I can say with confidence that the Thecus N4560 NAS left a very good impression on me. It is a must not only for ordinary users, but for business environments as well.