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Country: Russia | Media: Ferralabs | Product: N5550

“The Thecus N5550 is one of the most functional solutions on the market. The NAS is armed with a dual-core Intel Atom processor and 2 GB DDR3 of memory. This providing high data transmission speeds, close to 100 MB / s, which is suitable for home and office users. The unit also supports multiple RAID arrays.  The friendly web interface and the presence of HDMI output allows you to create a multimedia center, allowing connection to your TV or monitor.”

Country: USA | Media: Modders-Inc | Product: N5550

Needless to say I was very impressed with the N5550 and if you need large storage across more than 2 disks, then the N5550 should be on your short list.”

Country: Canada | Media: BCC Hardware | Product: N5550
 “At the end of the day the Thecus N5550 is a very solid product… It is one of the most feature-packed NAS units we've seen and comes it at a lower price point than many 4-Bay NAS units without a display. The hardware under the hood is very comparable as well and you're not giving up any performance when you choose this unit as your main file storage server. I do like the fact that Thecus has a growing selection of mobile applications that add to the flexibility of the N5550. Many of these are available for both iOS and Android platforms and this attention to their user base is a very good thing… I don't think you can find a more powerful device with more bays for less money.”
Country: USA | Media: Techware Labs | Product: N5550
“The Thecus N5550 will deliver well beyond its price tag, compared to other 5-Bay NAS devices from competing vendors, which is a welcomed and unfortunately rare trait for tech products these days.”
Country: USA | Media: NiKK Tech | Product: N5550

“The XBMC application transforms your NAS Server into an HTPC so you can use it from the comfort of your bed or sofa either via a compatible remote control or a keyboard and a mouse.”

Country: Netherlands | Media: Gadget Gear | Product: N5550

Also equipped with an HDMI port, the Thecus® N5550 can be connected directly to an HDTV so that media can be easily enjoyed in high definition. And because media players such as XBMC are available as modules on the App Center, setting up such media centers is child's play even for non-experienced users. If there's no HDTV nearby, media-streaming is also possible thanks to PLEX.

Country: UK | Media: Hardwareheaven | Product: N5550

“Consider that it has great functionality, excellent build quality and good performance and we have a decent value proposition here... a well-rounded product overall”

Country: Russia | Media: Hardware Portal | Product: N5550

“We would love to recommend Thecus N5550 for home users to organize their individual file storage as well as for small offices to manage their shared file space.”

Country: UK | Media: Vortez | Product: N5550

“With the ability to quickly build RAID configurations after a few clicks is a fantastic and the process seemed trouble free.”

Country: South Africa | Media: Gladget | Product: N5550

“What really impressed us, though, was the reliability of the unit, both in speed and storage performance, as well as it's really rugged construction. The front door could feel a little tougher but that's the only element of the N5550 that wouldn't survive a bomb blast. This is a good option for anyone wanting a reliable and potentially large NAS.”

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