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Country: Russia | Media: MegaObzor | Product: N2800
“The Thecus N2800 demonstrates a high level of performance. Using a modern platform positively affected the speed of data access and performance of the system. There is also a wide array of ports, including HDMI, and in terms of software, there is a user-friendly control panel with a lot of functions and features, as well as the ability to extend the NAS's functionality.”   
Country: Italy | Media: PcBrain | Product: N2800

“The N2800 also contains within it a large number of features, among which unlock the possibility to use the NAS as a media center, full compatibility with iOS and Adroind devices as well as the convenient USB fast COPY button.”

Country: Denmark | Media: Komputer for Alle | Product: N2800

“Both physical quality and speed is top notch here. The server has plenty of connections and functions as well as a good backup program. A clear winner. The neat administration page has many options. There should be no technical knowledge needed to exploit them fully.”

Country: UK | Media: eTeknix | Product: N2800

 “Bottom line, the N2800 offers up a great range of features for the first time user in a simple, compact system that packs an impressive performance punch for a device of its size, and this has truly made it worthy of awarding it our bang for buck award.”

Country: Italy | Media: XtremeHardware | Product: N2800

“The hard drives in RAID 0 have reached peaks never seen before in our tests and almost managed to saturate the available bandwidth of the Gigabit LAN system, incredible. The software provides safety and ease of use, and online support forums and video guides are also available. Intel Dual Core 2.13GHz, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, USB 3.0, card reader, PCI-Express expansion slots, VGA and HDMI and over 100MB/s bandwidth.... Thecus N2800... What else?”

Country: Taiwan | Media: ComputerDIY | Product: N2800
"overview, Thecus N2800 within its class compared to competitors, the price is the most attractive. Believe it will become one of the most widely used units most often, links the digital cloud."
Country: USA | Media: Real World Labs | Product: N2800

“The Thecus® N2800 is a small NAS unit that packs a powerful punch. RAID and performance benchmarks confirm that the 2-bay NAS has the power to carry on any serious job. To add, with the combination of power and friendly-user interface, the N2800 is a unit that all users can take advantage of without any troubles.”