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Country: UK | Media: Register Hardware | Product: N4800

Overall, the Thecus® N4800 conveys performance with the Intel® Atom™ processor and provides a long grocery list of features to suit any users' requirements. As Register Hardware simply states, “you certainly do get your money's worth with the Thecus N4800.” If you're in the market for the ultimate 4-bay NAS, look no further.

Country: Norway | Media: | Product: N4800

Once again the great design and innovations brought by Thecus sees some great results with yet another good review. gave the “Recommanded” label to the N4800 for its outstanding performance, its quietness, its unique innovations like the Mini-UPS and the HDMI output.

Country: UK | Media: PC PRO | Product: N4800

The Thecus® N4800 is an advanced SMB NAS that doesn't skimp on performance and features. Benchmark results show that transfers speeds are noteworthy. As PCPRO simply puts it, the N4800 is “A fast, low-cost four-bay NAS appliance with plenty of features and a very handy battery backup pack.” The Thecus® 4-bay N4800 is a popular device amongst many SMB users, due to its popular Mini-UPS, local display and HDMI output, the NAS appliance tops out on many users lists! PCPRO rates it an excellent 5 stars.

Country: Korea | Media: BETANEWS | Product: N4800
Finally, pointing out the user interface friendliness and the possibility to access to the NAS through a smartphone or a tablet, Betanews Korea qualifies the N4800 to be a good choice for home users and SMB due to its effectiveness and excellence.
Country: USA | Media: Bjorn3D | Product: N4800

Testing shows that the Thecus® N4800 truly lives up to the Vision series characteristics and background. Even under RAID 5, HD video read and write is quick and smooth without any problems. The N4800 offers superior build quality and runs quiet, a concern for many multimedia enthusiasts. Bjorn3d expresses that the UI is simple and easy to manage; even novice users won't have issues managing this UI. Overall, the N4800 is a high performance storage device that delivers superior multimedia content via HDMI. In addition, perks like Mini-UPS, front display, USB 3.0 makes this NAS the best of the best.

Country: USA | Media: TweakTown | Product: N4800

Benchmark results illustrates that the Thecus® N4800 NAS is driven to perform at an efficient rate. The unique features like HDMI output, USB 3.0, Mini-UPS and impressive benchmark results set the Thecus® N4800 over the top. Contenders don't stand a chance at challenging the power of the N4800 and with its low price, more SMB users are heading towards the Thecus® 4-bay storage server direction. For more details regarding benchmark testing, please refer to link provided below.

Country: UK | Media: Expert Reviews | Product: N4800

“This is a brilliantly flexible, powerful and fast NAS, and we loved the ability to connect a monitor and keyboard to access its interface directly.”