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Country: Malaysia | Media: HWM Malaysia | Product: N8900

“The Thecus N8900 is a great NAS that can provide any office with ample mounts of storage for their important data. Besides being easy to setup, the N8900 comes with many features that allows it to be flexible.”

Country: USA | Media: TweakTown | Product: N8900

“…for the first time in a long time I'm walking away satisfied. The hardware is powerful and the software is very refined. Once you throw in how compatible the NAS is with other hardware the picture becomes very clear. The N8900 is a great product that will lead Thecus into a new generation of feature rich products.”

Country: USA | Media: WhichNAS | Product: N8900

“If you are in the market for an 8-bay that rocks, the N8900 will be an outstanding addition to your storage assets. The Thecus N8900 is a worthy recipient of our Excellence award.”