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Country: UK | Media: eTeknix | Product: N4200PRO

“Performance wise I can with out a doubt say that that I was surprised as to how close the N4200PRO came to the theoretical maximum bandwidth possible on Gigabit LAN.”

Country: Taiwan | Media: Branding Taiwan | Product: N4200PRO

The Thecus N4200PRO has distinguished itself in many ways with Thecus-exclusive innovations like the Mini-UPS backup battery and Dual DOM protection. Bringing these together with performance that is top in the industry and an excellent feature set that will satisfy anyone from a basic user that needs backup to an expert who runs his own website and needs a professional array of functionality has made the N4200PRO an impressive option and a shoe-in for prizes worldwide.

Country: Taiwan | Media: ComputerDIY | Product: N2200XXX,N4200PRO,N5200XXX

Each year, Computer DIY selects the year's best products from representatives across the market according to their maturity as a product and outstanding application or use. Receiving editors' and users' continuous praise, Thecus's three big stars, the N2200XXX, N4200PRO, and N5200XXX take their thrones.

Country: Hungary | Media: CHIP | Product: N4200PRO

 “This 4-bay SME NAS from Thecus has a dual-core Atom 525 processor and 1 GB of RAM. Thanks to its impressive write and read speeds, which stay within 80 to 100 MB/s, this NAS is one of the fastest in the category. Moreover, this NAS is known for its reliability achieved with the help of Dual DOM – in case one DOM fails, there is another one that will take over and no information will be lost. The N4200PRO is also equipped with a tiny battery, which has sufficient energy in case power failure occurs. As far as extra features are concerned, they offer quite full range of that.” 

Country: USA | Media: Computing on Demand | Product: N4200PRO

“The N4200PRO is a speed demon…The feature rich firmware allows you to effortlessly stream music to your PC's or gaming systems, setup shares and users quickly, have an FTP server, mail server, and much more.  Team that up with the online RAID expansion and you have a device that can be expanded as your collection of data, music, or videos grows.  Having a built in Mini-UPS doesn't hurt either.  When you bundle it all together, you get what we at C.O.D. would consider a winner.”

Country: Greece | Media: ByTheWay | Product: N4200PRO

"Measurement and comparison with other similar products is not necessary for this device for many reasons. First of all, it has no rival in matter of cost to performance ratio. Furthermore, the N4200PRO possesses more specifications than any other NAS in the world."

Country: Russia | Media: Hardware Portal | Product: N4200PRO

 “Such results were unexpected for us, to say the least. Thecus N4200PRO set a speed record while checking the testing folder, which we have never seen before.”

Country: USA | Media: TweakNews | Product: N4200PRO

“The upgraded hardware over the original N4200 make it a solid choice for a multiple user environment, and the mini-UPS and dual DOM features help avoid data loss in the event of a power outage or firmware corruption. If performance is crucial and data loss is unacceptable, this is a NAS worth taking a strong look at.”

Country: USA | Media: | Product: N4200PRO

 “The N4200PRO is a great storage device for small businesses and offices...The dual power setting also allows your information to almost never have the chance to be corrupted or loss.”

Country: Denmark | Media: | Product: N4200PRO

“Besides a great web interface and a lot of good features the N4200Pro performs very well. This box is easy to use and covers a wide set of requirements. Because of flexibility and performance and security and the many features of this machine, it is very suitable for small buisness use. The N4200Pro is definitely an attractive home server for the more demanding consumer…It is possible to acquire a NAS with room for 4 disks [for a lower price], but then one would only get a fraction of the features compared to the N4200Pro. You get incredible value for money if you compare with other machines in its class.”

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