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Country: Russia | Media: 3D NEWS | Product: N4100,N4100PRO

"Undoubtedly, the Thecus N4100 PRO can be recommended for home and small office users thanks to its stylish design, HDD hot swapping support, well-thought web interface and high data transfer rates. This new device can make a good platform for web site support, enterprise data storage or become an entertainment center for easy share of video and music files via the Internet or LAN network. The price of Thecus N4100 PRO is about RUR 20.000, which is rather reasonable for such type of NAS, and justified by the quality and excellent performance of the device."

Country: USA | Media: Bjorn3D | Product: N4100,N4100PRO

"The Thecus N4100PRO is an excellent solution for the Small to Medium Business owner or for the home user that wants or needs a network attached storage solution for file sharing and who wants the security of data redundancy. With RAID expansion and RAID level migration capabilities, it is a near perfect solution because of its flexibility. Its ease of use, fast data throughput, network bonding with failover mode, and solid performance make The Thecus N4100PRO a NAS that would make itself very useful in just about any environment. For its data redundancy, network failover protection, and high data throughput, the Thecus N4100PRO earns the Seal of Approval and a score of 8.5 out of 10 (Very Good).."

Country: Sweden | Media: Sweclockers | Product: N4100,N4100PRO

"Appearance-wise N4100 Pro looks much like little brother N3200, but it definitely feels more robust. Installation of the N4100 Pro was very simple and went very smoothly. We can certainly call the installation completely foolproof. The N4100 Pro supports a lot of features…Via modular system which we praised earlier, you can also add extra features. When this device is based on the x86 architecture via AMD's LX800 processor makes it easier to convert the modules for other devices for the N4100 Pro….Web interface offers many powerful features….RAID management is absolutely impeccable...Generally, however, good performance and fits well for its price range. It also consumes relatively little energy compared with other devices."

Country: HK | Media: HKEPC | Product: N4100,N4100PRO

"The N4100PRO uses an AMD Geode LX800 low-voltage CPU, enabling data transfers faster than competing 4-bay NAS units, even besting some 5-bay units. Also offering many excellent features like load balancing and fail over at a reasonable price, it's a great choice for both SOHO and business users."

Country: USA | Media: CPU Magazine | Product: N4100,N4100PRO

"With the NAS volume online and loaded with some content, and the media extender connected to the HDTV and the network, we could sit back, relax, and enjoy our handiwork. We ended up with a massive network-attached volume that could hold a ton of digital content and a nifty little box that could access that content and pipe it through our HDTV (or home theater). Once configured, using everything was incredibly easy. We could simply copy whatever files we wanted to watch on the HDTV to the NAS volume and select the files with the media extender. It doesn't get easier than that."

Country: Russia | Media: iXBT | Product: N4100,N4100+

“As we pointed at the beginning of the article, one can easily create the network attached storage with maximum capacity and higher reliability using the 4-bay storage device. In spite of not so high speed characteristics, a big number of functions, including DLNA-server, can attract its customers. One shouldn't forget about high-quality design and sufficiently still work, what is very important for home users. Some enthusiasts can be interested in Thecus in its numerous and active Internet community, which can transform the NAS into unique multifunctional device.”

Country: UK | Media: PC Expert | Product: N4100,N4100+
Country: India | Media: PCQuest | Product: N4100
Country: Germany | Media: HardwareCrew | Product: N2100,N4100
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