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Country: Germany | Media: PcWelt | Product: N2350
“If you are looking for a network storage for primarily building a cheap local data center, the Thecus N2350 is the right choice, given the very good price-performance ratio."
Country: Germany | Media: Chip | Product: N2350
"A good result: The NAS Thecus N2350 is overall convincing in our laboratory testing. Regarding performance and power consumption, our results from the test lab show the outstanding strengths of the device. During testing, the device reveals no serious weaknesses and therefore doesn't stand out negatively in any area. At the time of testing, the price-performance rating of the Thecus N2350 is top notch."
Country: USA | Media: Tom's Hardware | Product: N2350
“The Thecus N2350 will get you in the door for a taste test without breaking the bank. You should like it enough to want more features in your next NAS, and that’s why we like this model, at this price, so much.”