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Country: Greece | Media: Insomnia | Product: N2810PRO
The Thecus N2810PRO with its slew of external connectivity options and solid hardware design earned the Editor’s Choice award from Insomnia.
Country: Germany | Media: Chip | Product: N2810PRO
The editors overall remarks are clear. “Overall very good – The Thecus N2810PRO NAS shines across all disciplines. In all categories, Performance, Functionality and Hardware Configuration it has fully convinced us – great job.” 
Country: Taiwan | Media: Branding Taiwan | Product: N2810PRO,N5810PRO
"In today's thriving digital environment, companies need robust storage solutions to meet their daily operational needs and to be able to cope with a wide range of unexpected situations. Thecus provides robust performance, reliability, and scalability," said Florence Shih, General Manager of Thecus “And the value of excellence, whether it is personal as well as business operations are required to operate efficiently and stable and secure data storage device, which is our most important core value.”