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Country: USA | Media: Tom's Hardware | Product: N2810 (v2)
”The N2810 is a feature-rich system with hot-swappable drive bays, extensive software applications, large system memory and a powerful processor […] The Thecus N2810 is the most well rounded of all the systems we tested today. "
Country: Australia | Media: GeekLingo | Product: N2810 (v2)
In the end, GeeklLingo overall assessment of the features and the performance of the N2810 was positive. “The Thecus N2810 was a solid performer. Speed results using a combination of link aggregation and SSDs were better than expected. For new players, the N2810 can be a viable alternative to similar products from the likes of Synology and QNAP”.
Country: Greece | Media: Insomnia | Product: N2810 (v2)
 “our experience with the N2810 was seamless, and in addition to the satisfactory performance, both in the multimedia playback and reading recording files, the NAS behaved impeccably maintaining the level of the generated noise to acceptable levels (below 40dB) – it can easily even be put next to your desk.”
Country: Spain | Media: El Chapuzas Informático | Product: N2810 (v2)
The N2810 is well equipped to provide an immersive multimedia experience. “In addition to the characteristics of a standard NAS such as storage, it offers multimedia features such as video playback 4K through players like XMBC or Plex thanks to its  HDMI video output. ” 
Country: Hungary | Media: Prohardver | Product: N2810 (v2)
Prohardver’s overall assessment of the N2810 was positive.“Thanks to several years of experience Thecus has once again delivered a great little NAS, the N2810. The HDMI output and Braswell platform enables serious media player capabilities. Those who are searching for advanced multimedia capacities with their NAS, be sure to take the N2810 into account.
Country: Russia | Media: MegaObzor | Product: N2810 (v2)
“To conclude we can say that this is a powerful storage solution for two hard drives with a wide range of functionality. The main competitive advantage is the powerful CPU, delivering very fast encryption of data and content playback in high definition. Thecus N2810 is an ideal choice for home or office storage, which allows users to store data and also access 4K playback. Good additions are USB 3.0, two Gigabit ports, user-friendly management, intuitive interface, very fast copying process from the external devices, low level of noise and very low temperatures of the hard drives. This NAS worked smoothly. Thecus N2810 is worth rewarding with a GOLDEN award and editor`s choice from”
Country: Belgium | Media: Madshrimps | Product: N2810 (v2)
The N2810 is a budget friendly network storage solution, which provides great energy efficiency. If you are looking at transforming your living room into a multi-media centre, then your search is over. “The N2810 steps up to the challenges that 4K playback creates and provides a robust hardware platform that is able to handle multiple tasks with ease’.
Country: USA | Media: Guru 3D | Product: N2810 (v2)
“The Thecus N2810 with the new OS is definitely one of the more versatile NAS units available on the market. We recommend the Thecus N2810 for the SOHO and consumer side of the market, it is a very handy NAS with good performance and extensive features that you may expect from a NAS unit anno 2016, and the ThecusOS 7 firmware does make a nice difference”
Country: Italy | Media: XtremeHardware | Product: N2810 (v2)
The N2810 is aimed to be the ideal storage solution for households and SOHO users. The review ends with a very positive endorsement for the NAS. “In essence, the Thecus N2810 is one of the best products in its price range and is suited to those looking for good performance, flexibility of use and reduced consumption.”
Country: UK | Media: eTeknix | Product: N2810 (v2)
“I don't know what I should praise more, the new ThecusOS 7.0 or the amazing NAS itself. If you’re in the market for a 2-bay NAS, get the N2810!”
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