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Country: USA | Media: TweakTown | Product: N5810
“Overall, with the launch of OS 7 and many of the new features including BTRFS support, the N5810 NAS is more attractive now than ever before. The N5810 is one of the top five-bay appliances on the market today. The build quality is top notch including the internal components, every IC in this appliance comes from Intel including the SoC, NICs, and SATA controller.”
Country: France | Media: ZeDen | Product: N5810
“The N5810 NAS is therefore a high-end product, with the specifications and performance justifying its price, especially in comparison to other 5 bay NAS of its competitors. Version 7 of Thecus OS allows the Thecus brand to catch up to the current industry leaders. Consisting of solid components, the performance is there and with the design and ergonomics both being engaging. What more do you need?”
Country: USA | Media: Guru 3D | Product: N5810

“A NAS is not just a file-server anymore, these are fully fledged file serving servers with a plethora of applications and functionality. The Thecus N5810 with the new updated software definitely will be one of the more versatile NAS units available on the market. We like what we saw for hardware, software and functionality.The overall performance is really good, it is Gigabyte Ethernet compatible. At a 500 EURO/USD marker it is not cheap though we feel the price is fair for what you get, and you are receiving a SOHO server. Right, the Thecus N5810 we can recommend for the SOHO and consumer side of the market, it is an incredibly fun and handy NAS with excellent performance and extensive features that you may expect from a NAS. Based on the new OS software it earns our Storage Sweetness award.”

Country: USA | Media: 3D Game Man | Product: N5810

 “The N5810 is pretty hardcore. It is intended for small and medium businesses and is just an awesome unit that is very easy to use and very comprehensive. Overall, this a 100% kickass product.”