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Country: UK | Media: MACUSER | Product: N3200,N3200PRO

"The Thecus® N3200 has a great deal going for it: its support for RAID 5, easily removable disks, robust case and support for as wide a range of sharing services as you could wish for makes it an excellent choice for network storage at home. You could also use it, ISP permitting, for web and FTP serving. If only Time Machine supported backing up data over a network, it would be a brilliant multi-Mac solution for that, too."

Country: USA | Media: Hardware Logic | Product: N3200

"'All that and a Bag of Chips,' is what we said and we're sticking to it.  In the N3200 NAS, Thecus has provided the home or small business user a device that can not only secure data, but broaden access to it on a network.  Thecus' focus on the modern home users media storage needs is a serious plus.  For the small business owner, all of the file sharing and file securing functionality is there – and then some.  The box is small enough so that it can be physically removed and stowed away securely for when one is on extended hiatus.  The internal parts are quality ones. The NAS runs quiet and cool.  Quiet enough in fact to keep on a desk.  And we would run out of room going into detail about all the ‘extras'……  If you need a NAS, and more and more of us are finding we do, put the Thecus N3200 on your research list.  The next time you have a drive failure (Tom) and you don't lose your entire music collection – you'll thank us."

Country: UK | Media: PC ADVISOR | Product: N3200,N3200PRO

" Copying data from the N3200 produced the second-quickest was among the best in the opposite direction."

Country: USA | Media: Big Bruin | Product: N3200,N3200PRO

"Given the small footprint, high quality construction, flexible configuration options, and extensive set of features, the Thecus N3200 3-Bay SOHO network storage system earns the "Great Idea" and "Highly Recommended" awards."

Country: USA | Media: Bjorn3D | Product: N3200,N3200PRO

"The Thecus N3200 is an excellent solution for the home user that wants or needs a network attached storage solution for file sharing and the security of data redundancy. It's ease of use and solid performance earn it the Seal of Approval and a score of 8.5 out of 10 (Very Good)."

Country: USA | Media: CNET | Product: N3200,N3200PRO

"The device boasts a useful set of features, including printer sharing and an iTunes Server support, the ability to mount ISO files, and we were very impressed with its throughput performance. By a large margin, it was the fastest NAS drive we've tested in RAID 0 configuration. Even in RAID 5, an arrangement that places greater emphasis on security than performance, its read and write speeds were still among the top scores on CNET Labs' throughput tests. We also like the solid casing and the fact that the device makes almost no noise during operation...All things considered, however, we like the device and would recommend it for both home and small office environments, where you want a fast and reliable network storage workhorse."

Country: USA | Media: DragonSteelMods | Product: N3200,N3200PRO

"The Thecus N3200 is an excellent choice for a network Attached Storage appliance, it offers numerous features and of course RAID 5 security for you data. The basic setup is very easy to get it up and running on your home network, in no time you'll have vast amounts of storage available to your home users, or even your small business network users. With the N3200 you have the ability to share your files, and stream your media to compatible devices in your home, and the ability to be wirelessly connected is definitely a big plus as well...DragonSteelMods gives the Thecus N3200 a 4 out of 5 score and our Recommended Award as well."

Country: Australia | Media: apc | Product: N3200,N3200PRO

"Given the increased need for us to store more and more data as our media collections expand we can see the Thecus N3200 finding a place in many homes. With recent studies suggesting that the average home holds almost 1.4TB of data the three disk capacity of the N3200 is its only limitation. Its ability to securely store and deliver data coupled with its ease of use makes it a worthy candidate for consideration for home and small office LANs."

Country: Australia | Media: MACWorld | Product: N3200,N3200PRO

"The N3200 is slower than other drives on offer, but its performance was about the same as a four-drive Iomega StorCenter 150D. Considering the significant price difference between the devices, the N3200 is a clear winner."

Country: USA | Media: TweakNews | Product: N3200,N3200PRO

"This product provides a lot more than file storage and backup, however. Additional functions like a print server, FTP server, and iTunes server will add a lot of convenience to a SOHO environment. More advanced functions like integration with Active Directory, access control lists, remote administration, and optional wireless LAN setup provide expandability as needs change or the network grows. With all of this manageable from a straightforward web interface, I can't see any reason not to award the N3200 our top honor."

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