For Selected Models, please download below ThecusOS 7.0 Beta.
Before you start, please backup your data and read the Notes section and the release note provided with the firmware carefully.

Please Read Before Continuing Limitations for Migration from OS5 to OS7 Beta.

1. Data burn will no longer be supported in OS 7.0 Beta.
2. ThecusID will no longer be used in OS 7.0 Beta.
3. Some modules will change to different setups which may require reconfiguration.
    i. Web Disk → File Center
    ii. Piczza → Photo Center
    iii. Rsync_Backup (Build-in Local/Remote Backup)
4. Some modules will currently be unavailable for OS 7.0 Beta, please refer to the list below.
    i. IP_Cam (Motion Eye)
    ii. Usb_eSATA_Backup
    iii. RAID_replication
    iv. Web Server
    v. VLC
    vi. Access Guard
5. Some created tasks will not migrate and need to be setup again.
    i. Stacking
    ii. Data Guard
    iii. User access log
    iv. ISO mount
    v. Backup iSCSI target
If you have any issues, please email us.

1. If you observe any issues or inconsistencies, please address these via the Feedback button in ThecusOS 7.0
2. Thecus is not responsible for any data loss or damage during the Beta Program. Individuals are strongly advised to backup all data before beginning.
3. Thecus is not responsible for an any issues or damages to your product during the Beta Program.
4. Please note that, as this is a Beta version and not a formal release, you may experience errors or inaccuracies that may cause data loss and other system issues. Some features may also not be fully functional. If these events do occur, you may need to reinitialize your system.